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They are brilliant, high-quality, crystal clear, incomparably elegant and a real eye-catcher. We design your invitations together and respond to your individual wishes.



Here you will find an exceptional selection of acrylic glass invitation cards that will make your special occasions even more unforgettable. Whether wedding, christening, birthday or thank you cards - our transparent acrylic cards are a real eye-catcher.


Brilliant look: The acrylic cards impress with their clarity and brilliance. The high-quality acrylic glass lends an elegant shine that impresses every recipient.

Exclusivity: Your guests will be amazed! Acrylic glass invitations are a modern trend that complements rather than replaces classic paper cards. 

High quality: Our acrylic cards are 1 mm thick and feature elegant color and white printing. They are sturdy and can also be used as decorative objects after the party.


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